Notice and Note

Notice and Note for Fiction Signposts enable students to closely read a piece of literature and find deeper meaning. Each of the six signposts allows students to STOP when they see each in a text and answer an anchor question. This often leads to a better analysis of the text, and enables students to make predictions regarding the conflict and theme.Thanks to Kylene Beers and Bob Probst for introducing this wonderful strategy. Attached is a padlet for a Notice and Note Signpost Hunt for Pax:

Notice and Note Padlet

I have also attached anchor charts because most teachers use some form of these to teach them.


Pax – Week 1

Activity 1

Created by Emmanuelle Pratt


Pax wordle


Hi everyone!

For this predicting activity, We have created a word cloud using Wordle. The word cloud was generated by entering the book’s blurb into Wordle. If you are familiar with Wordle, you will know that the more often a word occurs, the larger the word in the word cloud.

To participate in this activity, view the word cloud with your class, and discuss your predictions.

Clicking on the word cloud will take you directly to the Padlet that was set up for us to share our predictions. Please note that the Padlet is going to be moderated, (this means your post may not be published instantly, but we will check and publish at regular intervals every day).


Brainstorm together on a chart after listening to the summary of the book. Take a photo of your chart and share.

Activity 2

by Cureton Crew


Sarah Pennypacker

Just because it isn’t happening here

doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

This phrase is found at the start of the story. What does the phrase mean? Why did the author place this at the start of the book?

Activity 3

by Cureton Crew

Chapters 1-3

Although the author does not give reveal the name of the place in which the story is set, she does allow us to visualise some of the places in which the story takes place.

TASK- Create a senses chart to describe the setting in which Pax was left alone by Peter.

Pax Brainstorming

ICT- Use Popplet to create the chart.