Lipogram by 3FS Vegemites

As Ms Farrer-Stevens had been away ill for a number of days we were running short on time, so we changed the letter E. So far we have only changed one sentence.

We changed :

Billy cut  several bats out of construction paper.


Billy cut many bats out of construction card.

Billy cut lots of bats out of plastic.

Billy cut two bats out of card.


3FS Vegemites, Bowen, Australia


We are the 3FS Vegemites. We are a Year 3 class at Queens Beach State School in Bowen, Queensland, Australia. Bowen is located at the top of the Whitsundays and usually has lovely warm winters. It has beautiful beaches, the Big Mango and a water park. This is our first time participating in Global Read Aloud and we are looking forward to communicating with other schools and reading The Year of Billy Miller.