4 thoughts on “Level 5 and 6 at Antoni Gaudi School, Barcelona, Spain

  1. We really like your video. Your country is very different to ours. We would love to know more about “the running fire” – it looks amazing. The park looks really fun. Your plants, school, monasteries, and buildings are amazing. You have very exciting traditions in Spain. We thank you for sharing with us!
    🙂 Merinda Seniors

  2. Hello Fantasticos!
    This is Miss. Alexander from Rochester, New York in the United States! I attend the State University of New York at Geneseo and I am studying to become a teacher. I loved watching your video and Barcelona looks very beautiful. I hope to talk to you all soon and I look forward to this wonderful opportunity to read Fish in a Tree together!

    • Thank you Miss Alexandre!
      We loved your videos too and thanks to you we know a little more from America’s education system, money, food, traditions and English expressions.

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