Meeting GRA creator Pernille Ripp!

Pernille Ripp & Jen King NCTE2015

I am attending a big gathering of English teachers* that is held every year in November. This year it is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Pernille Ripp, who created the GRA, is here, too! I went to her presentation today and got to talk with her afterwards. It was so fun to meet her in person! She is super nice. I learned that she loves blogging as a way for students to share their thoughts and ideas with others. And she loves to hear about what teachers and students are doing with the GRA. I am sharing a picture of the two of us. In case you have not seen her picture before, she is on the right. 🙂
–Dr. King

*National Council of Teachers of English Annual Conference

The Year of Billy Miller – ELA Activities by Jen Jones

We are super excited to post activities created by Jen Jones from Hello Literacy this week. Our team have followed Jen over the last few years and are truly inspired by her.

You can follow Jen at Hello Literacy.
Twitter – @hellojenjones
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The Year of Billy Miller ELA Activities-2

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