Pax & BFG – Week 6

Narrative Story Graph – 

(Seven Steps to Writing Success)

What are the Seven Steps?

‘The Seven Steps is a unique system that chunks writing into seven main techniques.

1 Plan for Success
2 Sizzling Starts
3 Tightening Tension
4 Dynamic Dialogue
5 Show, Don’t Tell
6 Ban the Boring
7 Exciting Endings
The chunking concept is modelled on the way we learn sport. Take tennis for instance.

First we learn the individual skills – forehand, backhand, serve, volley and smash.
Then we practise the skills over and over until they go into ‘muscle memory’.
Finally we put the skills together to play a game.
Yet in schools we often ask students to ‘write a story’ – in other words play the whole ‘tennis match’. Hence they struggle.

The Seven Steps program works for ALL text types – Narrative, Persuasive, Recount and Informational.’

by Jen McVeity

Have a look at the completed narrative story graphs.

Download the Narrative Story Graph template (PDF 432KB) 

Now see if you can map Pax or BFG as a class on the story graph.


Notice and Note

Notice and Note for Fiction Signposts enable students to closely read a piece of literature and find deeper meaning. Each of the six signposts allows students to STOP when they see each in a text and answer an anchor question. This often leads to a better analysis of the text, and enables students to make predictions regarding the conflict and theme.Thanks to Kylene Beers and Bob Probst for introducing this wonderful strategy. Attached is a padlet for a Notice and Note Signpost Hunt for Pax:

Notice and Note Padlet

I have also attached anchor charts because most teachers use some form of these to teach them.


Global Read Aloud 2016

We have been counting down for weeks from all corners of the globe. The time has finally come around for Global Read Aloud 2016 to officially start. Our group’s collaboration consists of 15 amazing classes, two books, one author study and tech-savvy guest contributors. Over the next six weeks, we will participate in a range of activities that will integrate reading comprehension skills, creativity, technology resources and digital citizenship. Join us in celebrating quality books, authors and promoting a love of reading.