Lipogram By Mrs Boyd’s Bunch

We changed words with the letter ‘A’. So:
Billy grabbed Papa’s sleeve. He stared up at him. “Don’t worry Dad,” he said. I’ll never forget you.”
“I’m not worried,’ said Papa, “Not one little bit.”
And they went into the house, side by side, to spread the good news.


Billy held Pop’s sleeve. He looked up to him. “Don’t worry Pop,” he replied. I’ll never forget you.
“I’m not worried,” replied Pop, “Not one little bit.”
So they went into the house, side by side, to tell the good news.

Mrs Boyd’s Bunch, Bowen Australia

We are a class consisting of 23 students from a small coastal town in North Queensland called Bowen. This is our first time participating in the Global Read Aloud Challenge and we are very excited about this learning experience. Our school is a Primary centre of nearly 500 students from Years Prep to 6. We are part of the beautiful Whitsunday region and are at the gateway of the Great Barrier Reef, making us a very desirable tourist attraction. We have a very family friendly small school environment which fosters learning and growing together. We look forward to sharing and reading all of the contributions to the Global Read Aloud Challenge.