Pax – Week 6

Narrative Story Graph – 

(Seven Steps to Writing Success)

What are the Seven Steps?

‘The Seven Steps is a unique system that chunks writing into seven main techniques.

1 Plan for Success
2 Sizzling Starts
3 Tightening Tension
4 Dynamic Dialogue
5 Show, Don’t Tell
6 Ban the Boring
7 Exciting Endings
The chunking concept is modelled on the way we learn sport. Take tennis for instance.

First we learn the individual skills – forehand, backhand, serve, volley and smash.
Then we practise the skills over and over until they go into ‘muscle memory’.
Finally we put the skills together to play a game.
Yet in schools we often ask students to ‘write a story’ – in other words play the whole ‘tennis match’. Hence they struggle.

The Seven Steps program works for ALL text types – Narrative, Persuasive, Recount and Informational.’

by Jen McVeity

Have a look at the completed narrative story graphs.

Download the Narrative Story Graph template (PDF 432KB) 

Now see if you can map Pax as a class on the story graph.


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