The Year of Billy Miller: Sister; 3 – Sister, 5

Character Hot Seating


You have been in Billy’s world for a few weeks now and have learnt more about him and some of the other characters in the book. In a classroom students often have different opinions on why or what motivates a character to do and act a certain way. This activity allows you to form opinions about a character.


1. In pairs choose a character you would like to ask specific questions to.

2. Create a list of 5-10 questions.

3. Have one child at the front of the room sit in a chair.

4. This child assumes the identity of one of the characters from the text.

5. The class then asks the character questions.

6. The child in the seat answers questions in character.

Hello from 3A Miss Alexis’ class!

Hi Everyone,

We are 3A from Brisbane, Australia. We are excited to participate so thank you!

We will be submitting our work from the book, The Year of Billy Miller, soon.

We are enjoying  the book very much. We really laughed out loud today! We are up to ‘Teacher’ part 3.

We would like to share a little bit about our class with you. They are as follows:

  • We have a big ‘ Think‘ sign at the front of the room because Ms Alexis wants us to think a lot
  • We have just found Mr Skully
  • We laugh a lot in class
  • We work hard and try our best
  • We have crows that are very loud outside our classroom
  • We have swimming on a Monday
  • Our school is very big
  • We greet and say goodbye in Spanish

We would like to hear about your class!

Thank you for reading this!


from 3A 🙂

Mrs Boyd’s Bunch, Bowen Australia

We are a class consisting of 23 students from a small coastal town in North Queensland called Bowen. This is our first time participating in the Global Read Aloud Challenge and we are very excited about this learning experience. Our school is a Primary centre of nearly 500 students from Years Prep to 6. We are part of the beautiful Whitsunday region and are at the gateway of the Great Barrier Reef, making us a very desirable tourist attraction. We have a very family friendly small school environment which fosters learning and growing together. We look forward to sharing and reading all of the contributions to the Global Read Aloud Challenge.

Year 3C Bowen State School

We are a class 25 Year 3’s from beautiful Bowen. Like 20Somethingkids in Second Grade, most of us were in the same Year 2 class and looped to Year 3.

Our school is very special this year as it is 150 years old. We celebrated this with a fete, reunions and many festivities.

Bowen is on the north-east coast of Queensland, Australia. The fantastic Whitsunday islands and the Great Barrier Reef are just off our shores. 

Although we live in the tropics, it is pretty dry and humid here. January is the hottest month with a maximum average day temperature of 31*C. July is the coldest month with an average day maximum temperature of 25*C

We have seven beautiful beaches to visit in Bowen. Our Front Beach has a soundshell stage, a water park and a skate park and we are famous for our big mango.

We love reading and writing and have read some amazing books this year. We are looking forward to reading and discussing ‘The Year of Billy Miller’ by Kevin Henkes.

We have a class blog at: