5SK – Skyping with Miss Wagenhauser




We were super lucky this morning to Skype with Miss Wagenhauser in New York State. She read chapters 30 and 31 from Fish in a Tree and participated in our Character Hot Seating. Both Miss W and the students asked many deep questions that really made our ‘characters’ think about how they behaved in the story towards others.

5SK and I look forward to Skyping again in Week 6 with Miss Wagenhauser.

5SK Learning in North QLD

We are a year five class learning in Bowen in sunny North Queensland, Australia. Our town is famous for its yummy mangoes which we eat in the summer months and our beautiful beaches. Bowen is just north of Airlie Beach and approximately 40km from the Great Barrier Reef. Fishing is very popular here! Bowen has its very own Fishing Classic which runs in September each year. Farming is very big in Bowen and we grow tomoatoes, capsicums, beans, pumpkins, chillis, eggplants, watermelons, corn and much more. Mining plays a huge part in our community also as many of our parents work at the local coal mines, railway and coal port.

Our 5SK blog has now been running for almost 3 years and houses all of our class resources, links and student work. This will be the 2nd GRA for Mrs Scharf and the first for the current 5SK students. We are all super excited to read Fish in a Tree.