Meeting GRA creator Pernille Ripp!

Pernille Ripp & Jen King NCTE2015

I am attending a big gathering of English teachers* that is held every year in November. This year it is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Pernille Ripp, who created the GRA, is here, too! I went to her presentation today and got to talk with her afterwards. It was so fun to meet her in person! She is super nice. I learned that she loves blogging as a way for students to share their thoughts and ideas with others. And she loves to hear about what teachers and students are doing with the GRA. I am sharing a picture of the two of us. In case you have not seen her picture before, she is on the right. 🙂
–Dr. King

*National Council of Teachers of English Annual Conference

SUNY Geneseo’s Fish In A Tree Activity

This is an activity that the SUNY Geneseo teacher candidates created for chapters 38-40 of Fish In A Tree. This activity would be appropriate for upper elementary students. The activity entails creating a campaign slogan, speech, or poster.

SUNY Geneseo Activity – Fish in a Tree

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 8.07.15 pm

SUNY Geneseo’s Billy Miller Activity

This is an activity that SUNY Geneseo student candidates created for students working on the book The Year of Billy Miller. This activity would be appropriate for grades 2 and up, and focuses on making text-to-self connections, as well as exploring poetry.

SUNY Geneseo activity – Billy Miller


5SK – Skyping with Miss Wagenhauser




We were super lucky this morning to Skype with Miss Wagenhauser in New York State. She read chapters 30 and 31 from Fish in a Tree and participated in our Character Hot Seating. Both Miss W and the students asked many deep questions that really made our ‘characters’ think about how they behaved in the story towards others.

5SK and I look forward to Skyping again in Week 6 with Miss Wagenhauser.