Year 3C Bowen State School

We are a class 25 Year 3’s from beautiful Bowen. Like 20Somethingkids in Second Grade, most of us were in the same Year 2 class and looped to Year 3.

Our school is very special this year as it is 150 years old. We celebrated this with a fete, reunions and many festivities.

Bowen is on the north-east coast of Queensland, Australia. The fantastic Whitsunday islands and the Great Barrier Reef are just off our shores. 

Although we live in the tropics, it is pretty dry and humid here. January is the hottest month with a maximum average day temperature of 31*C. July is the coldest month with an average day maximum temperature of 25*C

We have seven beautiful beaches to visit in Bowen. Our Front Beach has a soundshell stage, a water park and a skate park and we are famous for our big mango.

We love reading and writing and have read some amazing books this year. We are looking forward to reading and discussing ‘The Year of Billy Miller’ by Kevin Henkes.

We have a class blog at: