BFG – Week 5

Welcome to week 5! This week we will explore the wonderful vocabulary that Roald Dahl introduces us to, throughout the BFG.  I have two activities for you to do this week. One of which I have sourced from the slideshow that the wonderful and clever creators – Sean Fahey @SEANJFAHEY) and Michele Waggoner (@michelewagg)- have published. The other is a fun activity that I know my class is going to love, I hope that your classes do as well! 

Activity 1- Google Hyper Doc – “Context Clues” 

This activity Explores the meaning of words develops students writing and knowledge. In this activity a excerpt of text is analysed. What the students need to do is analyse the words surrounding the “vocabulary word” to decide on a potential meaning. This is a great way to lead discussion about words in context. Simply click on this link to explore “Context Clues”  in the chapters that we are looking at this week.

I thank Sean and Michele for allowing us to use their Google Hyper Doc this week!

Activity 2 – Wonderous Wordies ( Gobblefunk)! 

To extend students use of vocabulary and to analyse the structure of words I have created a Padlet that allows students to share  their “gobble funk” words. Instructions for the activity can be found on the Padlet. It is moderated, so please allow some time for publishing to occur. 

Don’t forget to have a syllable that gives the reader a clue about what the word means, and then have fun with the other syllables!

I hope that you enjoy the activities for this week! 

Mrs Helena Tully ( QLD Tech Brekkie Crew )


BFG – Week 4

Character Hot Seating


You have been in the BFG and Sophie’s world for a few weeks now and have learnt more about them and some of the other characters in the book. In a classroom students often have different opinions on why or what motivates a character to do and act a certain way. This activity allows you to form opinions about a character.


1. In pairs choose a character you would like to ask specific questions to.

2. Create a list of 5-10 questions.

3. Have one child at the front of the room sit in a chair.

4. This child assumes the identity of one of the characters from the text.

5. The class then asks the character questions.

6. The child in the seat answers questions in character.

Week 3 – BFG

Shelly Sanchez Terrell aka Ms. Sanchez

Shelly Rosco hearts


I am a teacher who has taught learners 2 to 80 years-old in over 20 countries. However, my greatest joy is in being the mama of Rosco the pug. You can find us on social media #RoscothePug and @ShellTerrell.


1. Students take on the role of one of the characters and tell what happened before or after the story. The students recreate their stories using


2. Students draw one of the characters and have the character retell the events of the story from that character’s point-of-view using or a free app like, YakIt for Kids (iOS), Toontastic, and Chatterpix for Kids (iOS).


BFG – Week 2


by Zeina Chalich

Sketchnoting builds a connection between verbal and visual components. It is a personal form of note-taking that activates the brain in the process much the same as doodling. Doodling is a way of thinking, of drawing information around a thought process.


Make visual notes (sketchnotes) about the main events from a chapter in the book. Take photos and upload your notes to the blog or use any available apps to make your visual notes. Label which chapter you are sketching about.

Consider.. Who? What? When? Where? How? Why?

What visual representations will best describe…

* The sequence of events?

* The emotions of the characters?

* The impact of what happened?

* The text you will use?

Paper & pencil or black felt tip pen
Ipad apps – Bamboo Paper, Paper53, Bookcreator
(It’s easier to do your first sketchnote on paper)


Sketchnoting – Intelligent Notetaking – explains my passion for sketchnoting, what and why we sketchnote with basic shapes and examples to support beginners.

Sketcho Frenzy – Basics of Visual Notetaking – explains fundamentals of text hierarchy, words as images, and the structure of sketchnoting.




Zeina is the Leader of Learning & Innovation at a Primary school in Sydney. She loves sketchnoting, lego and coding on her ipad. Zeina runs the makerspace (you can check us making at #stfmaker) at her school where students come to code Sphero Robots, create things with Littlebits and Makeymakeys, create amazing structures in Minecraft and sometimes even cardboard! Zeina loves connecting and collaborating with teachers from around the world on twitter. She would love to share your sketchnotes with her followers @ZeinaChalich

Zanna's Sketchnote


This is an example from our GRA collaboration in 2015.

Fish in a Tree by Zanna

BFG – Week 1

Week 1: Padlet Predictions

by Emmanuelle Pratt



Hi everyone!

For this predicting activity, we have created a word cloud using Wordle. The word cloud was generated by entering the book’s blurb into Wordle. If you are familiar with Wordle, you will know that the more often a word occurs, the larger the word in the word cloud.

To participate in this activity, view the word cloud with your class, and discuss your predictions.

Clicking on the word cloud will take you directly to the Padlet that was set up for us to share our predictions. Please note that the Padlet is going to be moderated by Helena and Tam so we keep it safe (this means your post may not be published instantly, but we will check and publish at regular intervals every day).