2 thoughts on “Fish in a Tree Chapter 25

  1. Mr Daniels has created this poetry competition for his class. We think that it was authentic and Ally did earn it but she felt that she didn’t deserve it. Because Ally struggles she finds it hard to accept that she could possibly win against her classmates. (5SK)

  2. Charlee – I don’t think it is real. Maybe because someone said “They don’t know whether the award was fake or real”.
    Adam – I think it is real . It was created to boost Ally’s confidence.
    Jess -I think it is not real, it was created to help Ally feel good about herself.
    Ben – I don’t think it is real. Because her poem was not was up to the standard of others. If there was an effort award she would have won it.
    Teak – I think it is real but not authentic. Mr Daniels was trying to make Ally feel good about herself.
    Charlie – I think it was real. This is because Mr Daniels was proud that Ally put some words onto paper.

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