Fish in a Tree: Chapters 25 – 33

Tricky_chair_preview_featuredCharacter Hot Seating

You have been in Ally’s world for a few weeks now and have learnt more about her and some of the other characters in the book.  In a classroom students often have different opinions on why or what motivates a character to do and act a certain way. This activity allows you to form opinions about a character.


1. In pairs choose a character you would like to ask specific questions to.

2. Create a list of 5-10 questions.

3. Have one child at the front of the room sit in a chair.

4. This child assumes the identity of one of the characters from the text.

5. The class then asks the character questions.

6. The child in the seat answers questions in character.

Year 6 Edens Landing State School

Hi there,
We are 6C! We are wonderful class full of 22 awesome, amazing and talented kids. Our school is a great school situated in the Logan district of beautiful sunny Queensland, Australia. We are lucky as we live halfway between the bustling Brisbane City and the beautiful Gold Coast beaches. We are also a 20 min drive to the various theme parks located in our region.

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These include Dream World, Wet ‘n ‘Wild, Movie World and Sea World.

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Our school logo is the Rainbow Lorikeet as it is a bird that you can always see in our area.


This is our first time being part of the Global Reading Aloud Challenge and we look forward to communicating with others schools and reading Fish in A Tree.