One thought on “Tullycrew’s Popplet

  1. Hola!
    We have read your wonderful Popplet. Great job! We do not know who Ally is however ( are you reading a different book?)from your Popplet, we have inferred and read the following
    1. Ally might not think that she is smart, she may have a fixed mindset (Tyler)
    2. She is unhappy because she spends her time alone, maybe does not have any friends? (Dean)
    3. She may get into trouble however she is honest (Tahlia)
    4.She may not listen to the teacher sometimes (Tahnaya)
    5. She is lonely because she is may be shy? (Jacob)
    6. She is a nice person (Harrison)
    7. She might not have any friends (Max)
    8. She must be very pretty (Kayra)
    9. She might be very sad because she might not have many friends (Lucy)
    10. She might not have many friends because other people do not like her (Matthew)
    11. They may not like because she is shy, there is nothing wrong with being shy (Jackson)
    12. She fiddles a lot (Zyeta)
    13. She may be a future artist (Riley)
    14. She loves art! (Thien)
    15. She likes to draw (Rupal)
    16. She wonders a lot about things (Ella)
    17. She is small (Poppy)
    18. She’s artistic (Zion)

    Thank you for sharing!

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