2 thoughts on “Fish in a Tree Chapter 9

  1. 5SK thinks that Mr Daniels has:
    * He has run different types of activities so all the kids can show what they can do. (Samara)
    * Mr Daniels has listened to the children’s problems and thought how he could fix them. (Amali)
    * Mr Daniels accepts each child in their own way. (Jessica L)
    * Mr Daniels lets all the children embrace their differences. (Tessa)
    * Mr Daniels respects how they are and how they learn in different ways. (Montana)

  2. Mr Daniel’s said to Ally that everyone has something unique about them. He also stated that ‘the class would not be the same without her. Everyone has different needs and different is good.’ Jaden, Charlotte and Jo. ELSS -The Cureton Crew

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