3 thoughts on “Fish in a Tree Chapter 10

  1. We think Ally wants Mr Daniels to like her so she can have a trusting relationship with a teacher for once (Megan). Bradyn thinks that she’d like him to know what she’s dealing with everyday with her difficulties in reading. Lily B thinks that Ally wants Mr Daniels to understand her and her drawings.

  2. Ally wants to impress Mr Daniels because she feels safe and she doesn’t want to fail with the second chance he is offering.

    Ally wants Mr Daniels to like her as she has always felt that she is a disappointment towards other teachers. Ivy and James- ELSS The Cureton Crew

  3. Ally wants to impress Mr. Daniel’s because she felt the other teacher did not like her. He was the first teacher to make her feel comfortable in class. – Gabriel – Calloway4th

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