4 thoughts on “Weekly Question (1) – Fish in a Tree

  1. Our class thinks the poster in Mrs. Silver’s office means…
    – helping others
    – trusting others
    – friendship
    – sticking together

  2. We think the poster is about:
    * Being good in class and helping each other (Amali)
    * Respect each other (Hayden)
    * Make the right choices (Jessica U)
    * Reach out to others (Jessica L)
    * You are not alone – ask for help (Zanna)

  3. Merinda Seniors have a lot of ideas about what the poster could be about. Here are some of them:
    – Don’t worry you aren’t alone friends can help you work it out (Ben)
    – Helping others (Maxie)
    – Everyone needs a helping hand, but if you are mean people may not want your help (Shelby)
    – Be Kind to one another (Mikala)
    – Might be about understanding and being kind( Charlie)
    – It might be a friend is around the corner, you just have to look for them(Austin)
    -Take a breather and think about what you are saying(Lachlan)
    – Don’t give up in life, keep trying (Mahoney)
    – Friends for life, you just have to try (Lilli)
    – Always remember you can count on each other, so never give up (Saxon)
    – Help is always just around the corner (Jessica )
    – Be kind to one another and be friends (Kalen)
    – Be friends not enemies (Jarred)
    – Treat other people the way you want to be treated (Adam)

  4. Cureton Crew- Edens Landing

    Our thoughts on what we thought the poster meant
    -Reaching out for others- Annalyse
    -Be more kind to others and you will have more friends- Jasmine B
    -Learn how to make friends- Jasmine B
    -Helping others- Chloe
    -Friendship- Ryker
    -Stay strong/Try your best- Ryker
    -Not put others down but bring each other up-Jo
    -Working as a team- Alexis
    -If we hurt each other, we need to fix it. Jaden
    -Friendship and sticking together- Hayley
    -Being safe and respectful- Taylor
    -We need to connect with the world and with others from different cultures/countries- Ivy
    -Team effort and team work- Jordyn

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